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Zeyad.J. AL-SAEDI.

Zeyad.J. AL-SAEDI. National Center for Water Resources Managements. IRAQ
by Ali Neji


H. Aïchi1

H. Aïchi1 , Y. Fouad2, , Z. Lili Chabaane3, M. Sanaa3, H. Nicolas2, C. Walter2 1Ecole supérieure d’agriculture de Mograne, 1121 Zaghouan, Tunisie. 2Agrocampus Ouest – INRA, UMR 1069 SAS, 65 rue de St Brieuc, CS 84215, 350...
by Ali Neji



Husam Musa Baalousha

  Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute (QEERI)
by Ali Neji


Mohammed Abd alla Eltoum*1

  *[1],  Desertification and Deseret Cultivation Institute 2 , 3 Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum. Khartoum. Sudan
by Lamouchi Helmi



Dr. Jean Doumit

Dr. Jean Doumit[1], Tania Zgheib[2], Joanna Abboud Semaan2, Lebanese University, Faculty of letters and human sciences, Department of Geography [1]  PhD Geosciences, Lebanese university faculty member, assistant professor depa...
by Ali Neji