31 January 2016




Lineaments can have significant impact on hydrogeology since they reflect evidence of zones of permeability and porosity. Additionally, it has been found that wells yields are significantly enhanced in carbonate rocks settings where wells are sited on fracture traces or fracture trace intersections. The study area lies west of Iraq with coordinates: (39° 53′ E, 33° 18′ N), (41° 5′E, 32° 47′ N), with approximate area of 6479 Km2.   Dem images with 90 m resolution were used in the research to create four shade relief maps with (0, 45, 90, and 135) azimuth angle. In addition data from nine wells represent the groundwater in study area were used. There was 1000 lineaments extract in the study area; classification was made of lineaments depending on length (short 976, medium 19, and long 5).  It is concluded that availability of groundwater in the study area occurs in locations that contain small number of lineaments, and that large number of lineaments gives a clue of deep groundwater because  lineaments are a passages that groundwater seeps through it.


Key words: Lineaments, DEM, Shade relief, Groundwater.



-         Summery of Qualifications 1-    B.Sc.in Science /University of Baghdad-Collage of Science-Depts. of Geology- 1999.
2-    M.Sc. Specialist in Geomorphology & Remote Sensing -2009.
-   Summery of Courses 1-    Negotiation – 2005 2-    Excel -2006 3-    Primary Arc GIS-2010
4-    Training of trainer (T.O.T)-2010 5-    Capacity Building on Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System For Iraq/held in Turkey-2011
  -    Professional Experiences 1-    Start work in State Company of water well drilling in (2001). Recently the name of this company is (General commission of groundwater). 2-    Recently work in National Center of water management since 15/3/2010. 3-    I have a research published in Iraqi Journal of science. Titled "Using Arc GIS to determine some landforms in Salman depression-South Iraq". 4-    Research published in Iraqi Geographical Magazine. Titled "Using NDVI algebra to identify changes in Ha'danya depression/South IRAQ". 5-     Research published in Iraqi Geographical Magazine. Titled" Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Land Cover Detection Study/ BAGHDA City Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Data". 6-      Participate in First International Conference of Remote Sensing and Image Processing in research tilted " CHANGE DETECTION IN HOUR-IBN NAJAM / MIDDLE OF IRAQ BY USING WATER INDEX (W.I) ALGBRA" 7- Lecturer for Remote Sensing Subject. 8 - Good user to Microsoft office (Word, Power point, and Excel) as well as the Internet.
9       -Experiences in Satellite Images & Remote Sensing.
  -   Languages 1-    Arabic (Native language)
2-    English

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Precision Technologies Role in the Study of Climate Change Impact

The Second session of the International Symposium Precision Technologies Role in the Study of Climate Change Impact and its implications on the Economic and Natural Structure: The reality and suggested solutions Istanbul, Turke...
by Lamouchi Helmi


5th International Conference on Water, Energy, Food and Agricultural Technology Istanbul, Turkey, 22-25 January 2019

5th International Conference on Water, Energy, Food and Agricultural Technology Istanbul, Turkey, 22-25 January 2019   Scientific themes 1-      water resources and desertification and agricultural techniques 2-   ...
by Lamouchi Helmi


Drone base multiscale Digital Surface Models to planar areas.

Drone base multiscale Digital Surface Models to planar areas. Dr. Jean A. Doumit   Abstract The obtaining of a Digital Surface models (DSMs) at different scales and levels before the appearance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV...
by Lamouchi Helmi



Monitoring of Mosul Reservoir Using Remote Sensing TechniquesFor the Period After ISIS Attack in 9 June 2014

Monitoring of Mosul Reservoir Using Remote Sensing TechniquesFor the Period After ISIS Attack in 9 June 2014 Lecture:  Muthanna Mohammed Abdulhameed AL Bayati University of Technology – Baghdad- Building and Construction Dep...
by Lamouchi Helmi



  Tullia Valeria Di Giacomo (*); F. Paolo Di Giacomo (**) (*)Alpha Consult, Rome; (**) SOGEIT, Tunis   Keywords: GIS, WEBGIS, Urban Agenda, sustainable development Summary: Urban Authorities, civil society, businesses and kno...
by Lamouchi Helmi


10th edition of the International Congress & technologies dedicated to geospatial applications

The Geographic Information Systems and Geospace Data for sustainable development                              Under the slogan                                    Role of GIS appl...
by Lamouchi Helmi



Information Technology Infrastructure Library

Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL Oldo-lina Foundation for the French East development in collaboration with the Euro-Arab union Geomatics organizes training for IT Service Management ITIL V3 Will be held in Ly...
by Lamouchi Helmi


Bluesky’s LiDAR experts educate Mouchel’s water industry professionals

The Mouchel Urban Drainage Academy (MUDA) trains water industry professionals Aerial mapping company Bluesky is helping water industry professionals understand the potential of laser captured height models. Following a request ...
by Lamouchi Helmi


WEAP’s new version is launched

WEAP (Water Evolution and Planning) has been looking for solutions to preserve fresh water and developing strategies to live within certain water budget in a sustainable manner. WEAP’s teamwork is working in almost all over t...
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Interview with George Gartner

The editing committee of GeoSP has interviewed Mr. George Gartner president of ICA and the international academic researcher about the role of ICA in supporting scientific research and young researchers. Mr. Gartner expressed a...
by Lamouchi Helmi

Pict1_working meeting

Creation of a digital 3-dimensional model

TogliattiKauchuk Plant – Togliatti, Russia  Laser scanning as a method of storage of spatial information is used in various economic sectors. In this article, we will focus on laser scanning for industrial design, or more pr...
by Lamouchi Helmi


AeroMetric Announces New High Accuracy Mapping Solution

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, May 23, 2013 – AeroMetric announced the addition of a new High Accuracy Mapping Solution for its clients. The new solution is designed to obtain tight vertical accuracy and highly detailed imagery...
by Lamouchi Helmi



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